Remember back in the day when hip hop was about hangin with your people, partying, blazin a J, and having a good time? The Hip Hop Lounge is bringing those feelings back to you. Sit back, TUNE IN to our LIVE RADIO, and take a journey to hip hop's golden days. For you youngins that dont remember The golden days , we've got a little flavor for you too. The Hip Hop Lounge is here to give you a place to come and enjoy hip hop's past, present, and future. No matter color, race, or religion, everyone can get down with the Hip Hop Lounge.
After a 2 year hiatus, the HHL is returning in 2011. DJ Watts took a break to focus on his professional career. The radio that everyone loves was left “on air” for your enjoyment.We have big plans for 2011. The HHL will keep the old school hip hop feelthat you love, but we plan on addingsome hot new djs that will keep the mix fresh.The HHL has spread into the social media circles. come show your support on Facebook and let us know what you think.